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The Shop's Story


Thank you for considering Mud Lake Soaps! A little information about my shop. All of my handmade soaps and other products are hand-made by myself in a small studio in my home. They are created from my recipes and made in small batches. I focus on staying environmentally aware, using organic oils, butter, milk, and many local natural ingredients. My soaps are labeled to showcase the different ingredients used to create each particular soap. I offer seasonal and holiday soaps, soaps for sensitive skin types, something for the guys, and even soaps for our furry friends. I also do special requests for weddings, showers, and some of life’s best celebrations.  My product line has expanded to offer haircare and laundry products so be sure to check out my full line.  


The name Mud Lake Soap Shop comes from my home.  I live on Mud Lake in Northern, Indiana.  At my home I grow several of the ingredients I use in my products and also acquire other natural ingredients from local neighbors. and friends.  


So please know that my focus is simple… I’m inspired to be environmentally aware and choose to use natural, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients as much as possible. Mud Lake Soap Shop, offering products made with all the benefits nature intended. ~ Mary Beth

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