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Understanding CBD and it's Benefits


Mud Lake Soap also offers a line of hemp-infused, CBD products partnering with ANM Farms in Danville Indiana, using their hemp extract.  ANM Farms is a licensed Indiana hemp farm that takes immense pride in hand growing and harvesting its hemp in Indiana nutrient-rich soil.  Like Mud Lake Soaps, ANM Farms cares about quality in their product. Discover the benefits of using a natural handmade CBD soap and body butter nurtured with CBD hemp-infused extract.


What are the benefits of using a CBD hemp-infused product? The cannabis plant, hemp offers a variety of compounds known as cannabinoids believed to contain medicinal benefits. Among these cannabinoids is cannabidiol, or CBD. Oils that are pulled directly from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant that contain a high concentration of CBD are known as CBD oils, hemp extract.


Cannabinoids are chemical messengers that activate a class of cell membrane receptors located throughout the body. These body receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including pain-sensation. Cannabinoids are either naturally produced by the body (endogenous) or outside the body (exogenous). The cannabinoids found in hemp are considered exogenous, which, when used topically interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body and may generate beneficial effects offering relief from joint or muscle pain. 

There are so many health benefits to hemp extract, and hemp extract has been used for many years as a natural and holistic treatment for pain, inflammation, depression, and more. CBD oil hemp extract is widely incorporated in many skincare products. It's become quite a trendy ingredient. But CBD oil is not just trendy, it's naturally beneficial.

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